(Contains 50 photos)
Beer, Breweries & Pubs portfolio A specialism of the house. I can provide a full package of your products, premises and festivals for an all inclusive prices. I am used to working with advertising and website designers and can provide images to suit, with appropriate branding. Do not panic if you are worried about having your own image included within your advertising - you will look relaxed and rather splendid! Many beer-in-glass images seen are almost complete Photoshop exercises, I prefer to use appropriate lighting to create a realistic image. Click on any image to see larger version - a slide show would give a portfolio tour.
(Contains 27 photos)
Product portfolio A series of images from various commissions. Please note that the 'people' images are designed to highlight the product, for example hair or gowns. The should not be looked at as portraiture, where the lighting employed would be very different. I am happy to undertake any such work, please contact me via the Contact page. Click on any image to see larger, and therefore, better version.
(Contains 48 photos)
Vintage Fashion portfolio A growing gallery of Vintage Fashion. Some straight from camera, some with slight vintage effects added. This is an area of photography which is really taking off for me, hence the new Gallery. These images are effectively product shots but with a specifically feel. Please click on the image to see larger - which may even show up some of the detail which appears on the HighRes version.
(Contains 56 photos)
Editorial/Features portfolio A set of images, often in sets to show feature & editorial jobs both home and abroad. Click on any image to see larger version.
(Contains 13 photos)
Music portfolio This is a selection of concert images. I'm happy to accept commissions to undertake any concert photography. I am particularly keen to work with new and upcoming bands. Click on any image to see larger version.
(Contains 46 photos)
Sport portfolio For copyright reasons, I cannot show any current sport images, ho hum! There will be some tearsheets on the 'testimonial' page. All images shown here are taken abroad and largely 'off-pitch'. I hope you enjoy them.... Click on any image to see larger version.
(Contains 48 photos)
Flora -Outdoor and Studio portfolio A series of images of flora taken under studio conditions, or outdoors - in the wild. Either commissions, stock or from workshops. A thoroughly enjoyable way of spending a day! Click on any image to see larger version.
(Contains 157 photos)
Wildlife Crowd Pleasers portfolio This gallery is separated from the Wildlife Gallery. It is possible that a wildlife photographer could make a living from Robins, Puffins, Barn Owls and Kingfishers. Throw a few Red Squirrels and cute horses into the mix and you have the basis for a decent set of stock images. Click on any image to see larger version.
(Contains 27 photos)
Landscape portfolio My landscape images tend not to be huge vista's, rather they are small elements of the outdoors which provide an interesting image. Click on any image to see larger version.
(Contains 532 photos)
Wildlife portfolio All these wildlife images are available for sale. They are all largely uncropped, and are at least 4500px on the longest side. This is not a comprehensive list of British birds, nor is it intended to be a series of record shots, rather I have included sets of shots which I think have some redeeming feature. I would suggest that the images are looked at in their large version and not just the thumbnail.

There is no shortage of wildlife snappers so I try and look for something slightly different, plus the longer I point my lens at wildlife the more I like 'contextual' shots where the beast is seen in its environment.

(Contains 57 photos)
People's In A Studio portfolio A random set of images to illustrate the variety of styles and quality of the work I shoot. I enjoy studio work and have a mobile studio, or hire studios as required. I have a full set of studio lighting and external lights for location shoots.

I also shoot portfolio's or private commissions.

Please bear in mind that I cannot show many commission images due to copyright. Also, as this is an open website I have not included any significant flesh from shoots such as commercial lingerie, and certainly not any boudoir shoots.

Please contact me for rates and to discuss your ideas.