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Back to Bird Snapping
28th March 2018
Back to bird snapping in Suffolk - hopeful as ever.......
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At last, more snaps....
16th February 2018
Right, its about time this blog thingy was updated. After a period of Prostate-removal-based inactivity, I’m back with a vengeance, sort of - at least very keen to make up for lost time.
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Spiders have rights too........
21st June 2017
Bad things happening to spiders in Malaysia.
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Oh Dear, More Bitterns....
31st May 2017
A catch up with the Bitterns of recent months.
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Humourless Blog and Salutary Tale
16th February 2017
Humourless Blog and Salutary Tale
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23rd January 2017
This is the one you've been waiting for......Duckfest
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Interim Tits
24th October 2016
Playing for time - so here are some Tits
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Iceland Part 3 - The Directors Cut
26th May 2016
High Key Icelandic Birds
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Iceland Part 2
24th May 2016
A less wordy, but equally moist, segment of last years Iceland visit.
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Iceland Part 1
20th May 2016
Part 1 of a blog relating to a soggy trip to Iceland - topically, its from June 2015!
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A Fashion Shoot & Sales Pitch
05th February 2016
A mercifully unwordy blog showing a selection of images from a recent fashion shoot….
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22nd November 2015
A shoot featuring Arthur…..
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A View On The Rugby World Cup…..
02nd November 2015
Another cannibalised blog - this time a view on the Rugby World Cup.
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The Farne Islands Part 2
05th September 2015
The Farne Island Part 2: A picture heavy blog vaguely addressing questions arising from Part 1.
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Travel Packing Tips
21st July 2015
Packing For Snappers
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A Mixed Bunch
17th April 2015
A while since the last blog……. just a mix of recent snaps typical of the life of a freelance snapper…. enjoy
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Using the Canon G7 x
24th December 2014
I'm not a great one for reviewing bits of kit, but I recently had need of a 'quality' compact camera, so how did that procurement adventure go?
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Football'y Subject And A Rant
30th October 2014
A blog cannibalised from an article loosely based on football with an Armistice Day theme. Plus a rant about one of the difficulties life presents at the moment…….
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Cricket, Gannets & Lewis
14th August 2014
A blog that starts off about cricket and then finds a very tenuous link enabling me move seamlessly onto snaps of Gannets.
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A Vintage Theme
01st July 2014
A set of images in a vintage stylee….
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