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A Blog With No Words
28th June 2014
Well, not many. A second lot of birds mucking about in Bulgarian mud.
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Bulgaria Part One
08th May 2014
Part 1. A set of images of migrating birds recently taken in Bulgaria. Not many big primary colours……… but some interesting lighting.
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Farne Island Bird Photography
28th April 2014
I have long been asked to to a brief snappers guide on Bird Photography in The Farne Islands. At last, here it is………. I hope it is of interest/use and I hope the PDF isn't too big!

Farne Bird Photography
Red Throated Divers, and Iceland is done…..
08th March 2014
At last, the final Iceland images. Reasonably interesting if you like Red Throated Divers.
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Nothing To Photograph
05th March 2014
A few images making the most of a damp soggy January and February
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Iceland - We're getting there….
27th January 2014
Another batch from Iceland - a must for all you seabird fans.
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More Random Stuff
08th January 2014
A random selection of images from shoots around the end of the year. Enjoy….
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Ducks and Grebes and stuff
08th November 2013
A fresh selection from Myvatn. Click above to see full posting.
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October Miscellany
23rd October 2013
A mixed bag from random October shoots.
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Iceland Part 2
06th October 2013
A dose of manflu has rendered me pathetic, so I have been able to do the next batch of Icelandic snaps quicker than expected. Click above for a load more birds and stuff......
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Iceland Part 1
20th September 2013
The first batch of images from Iceland. The first couple of days........did it rain?
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Living The Dream
10th September 2013
A short diary of a weekend on the road in the exotic life of a sport snapper.  Theoretically, cricket, football and cricket. However, read on......
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A Rainy Day On The Beach
13th August 2013
The results of a rainy days teaching on the beach and some random jottings.........
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Iceland and Update
23rd June 2013
A bit of cheapskate posting but I'm aware that I've not done a blog for a while. I'm going to use this to direct you to my Facebook page where I've been posting images from my recent Iceland trip to try and build up 'friends' and 'likes'.

Please click above for a view of some non-Facebook images.
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Macro Flowers - Big Colours and More
15th May 2013
A selection of macro flower images. This set are mainly big bold colours - unusual for me. Have a look, enjoy, and why not book a session. Click above for more..........
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Mmmmm Beer
12th April 2013
The results of a shoot for Chris Radford at: and some random jottings.
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Birds, Beaches, HDR and no Otters
04th April 2013
Click on the headline to see updates on HDR, ND and other jargon based snapping techniques. Plus a very scruffy Tit and no Otters. You have to go to:, to see that, and obviously like the page!
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Groynes and Sanderlings
10th March 2013
An ND teaching session gets hijacked by tiny waders.......... sort of
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Product Photography for Honeybee Corsets
30th January 2013
The results of a couple of product shoots for Honeybee Corsets, featuring our excellent young student model, Anna. Very fine work indeed and the lightng needed to show off the detail in the corsetry and hair. So Steve Bond Images isn't just about football and birds?
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Snow Buntings again
28th January 2013
The results of an impromptu trip to North Norfolk and an attempt to capture Snow Buntings in flight.

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