Photographic Commissions

I am very happy to undertake photographic commissions. Indeed, commissions make up the majority of my work. I am used to working in the editorial, commercial, fashion, sport and product/advertising markets. Please view the various galleries to see examples of the quality my work, although what I can use on this website is limited due to copyright/release reasons. Further illustrations of work can be provided, either hard copy, or links when discussing commissions.

I strive for the finest quality images and am used to working with clients, designers and website developers, and to deadlines.

Steve Bond Images provides an extremely professional photography service delivering quality images to a deadline and in the right format for print media or internet use. Professional photography is 'real' work and cannot be treated as a hobby. Years of experience enables Steve Bond Images to capture exceptional shots - an investment you will be happy you made.

Please contact me via the Contact page, I will be very happy to talk to you.

Tuition & Workshops

This can be on a 1-2-1 basis or for a group. I have a considerable number of regular students and run a series of courses - both regular and bespoke. Please look at the Tuition/Workshops page for more details.

Print Sales

Images can be bought from this website.

Every image on the website is virtually full frame, with minimal cropping. I do not rely on interpolation software to produce a large image. Every image on the site is at least 5000px on the longest side, and prints can be supplied to large dimensions.

Images can be supplied as prints, or as a scratch resistant image on an mdf backing. This last finish is ideal for offices or corporate settings. It is clean, bright and easily wiped clean - and a personal favourite. I have several sets of 'linked' images of themed subject matter designed and extremely suitable for corporate use.

All images supplied are printed at a professional laboratory to the highest standards. Whilst I could arrange for them to be 'called off' directly, I prefer to exercise quality control before they are sent to the client. Please contact me for a quote via the Contact page

Photographic Clubs

I regularly undertake talks to Photographic Clubs/Societies. I have several of these but, by far, the most popular is the Freelance/Sports Photography evening. It is not a travelogue but gives insights into the photographic business, what newspapers want, survival, 'how to' and so on. It is a informal and, hopefully, interesting evening. Feedback has always been positive and a good evening is had by all. It is a moving feast with the content being constantly updated. I undertook 22 talks during the 2016/17 season and am taking bookings well into 2018. Please contact me for details.